Below are links to my peer-reviewed publications:

“Should Consent be Required for Organ Procurement?” Forthcoming in Bioethics.

“Fewer Mistakes and Presumed Consent” Forthcoming in Journal of Medicine and Philosophy.

2018. “A Defense of Ad Blocking and Consumer Inattention” (co-authored with Caleb Pickard), Ethics and Information Technology,

2017.“Patient Autonomy and the Family Veto Problem in Organ Procurement”Social Theory and Practice 43 (1): 180-200.

2016.“Why Alcoholics Ought to Compete Equally for Liver Transplants”Bioethics 30 (9): 689–697.

2016.“Locked Up and Shut Out: The Suffering of Incarcerated Psychopaths”American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience 7(3): 152-154.

2016“Animal Experimentation as a Form of Rescue”. Between the Species Vol. 19, Issue 1: 52-79.